Rolling Massage Bar with multienergy

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Patent No.M466655                          MADE IN TAIWAN

Product information:



  Hexagonal rolling area & grip with aluminum alloysurface with gold platedtop area with low-carbon steel



  Total length: OD19x185mmweight:128g

Size of Hexagonal rolling area:OD19x62mmincluding the energy of germanium 9 pcs,the energy of ferrite magnets with polished 9 pcs, and the energy of Anion magnet with polished 9 pcs


˙Energy data:

  Top area: NdFeb magnet:1000±10% (GAUSS)

  Rolling area: Ferrite magnets with polished:1000±10% (GAUSS)

  Anion Q’ty:300pcs ±25%/cm3


˙Polarity: S pole up (outer) arrangement in the rolling area & top



1.  With plenty of multi energy in the rolling area by using the movement of handwill produce inertia scroll applications


2.  The energy will infiltrate into the skinand promote blood circulation smoothly in the body


3.  Simultaneously adjustment of the human magnetic fieldmake the autonomic nervous system normal operationbring you healthy and beauty




1.  Being four kind of energy ─ germanium energyanion energyferrite energyrare earth energy etc


2.  In addition to the top area is using metallic materialsthe remaining area is all using aluminum alloylightweight and easy to bring with youNew design plus fashion style with gold plated,showing more texture


3.  Application for MassageAcupuncturebody shapingflapScrapes …etc


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